For People with Special Needs

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for-special-needsChildren or adults with special needs may find it stressful or difficult to concentrate in a typical optical store. We offer a number of options to minimize any anxiety for our special clients and their care givers.

We can meet with you privately or talk over the phone to learn about our client, their emotional and vision care needs. By doing so, we can reduce the number of decisions that need to be made during our client visit, and avoid any upsetting circumstances.

Our selection of eye glasses and accessories include polycarbonate lenses and straps to hold glasses in place, and we can adjust frames to fit perfectly on any size or shape of face.

If you order one or more complete set of eye glasses for a person with special needs, there is no fee for our at home service.

Our Customers Love Our Work

In dealing with Terri-Lynn at OptimiEyes, I found her to be extremely professional as well as proficient in what she does. I am now a proud owner of a new set of glasses that fit and look excellent. I would recommend Terri-Lynn to anyone who needs the services of an eyecare professional.
John Fuller - Supply Services Manager
I received my glasses today and I am so delighted with them. They are very nice in appearance and I am so surprised at how fast and easy your service was! It is great and the prescription is very clear and I love them. You have done a great job in my eyes, and I will highly recommend your service to all my friends. Thanks terry-lynn
Melanie Foster

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